In-Camera Corner

We understand, not everyone likes to attend hours of council meetings often just discussing the day to day operations of the town, for this reason we strive to have members attend the meetings and take note of anything out of the ordinary that might be worth mentioning and catalog it below.

We encourage all Ratepayers to attend any and all council meetings but especially if there is a meeting discussing something of value to you, this is the reason we are also trying to catalog the meeting times on our Events page found here: Local Events including the applicable agenda's and minutes where available.
Please do keep in mind these are all volunteers and you can also find the meetings, agenda's, minutes on the Town of Langhams offical Civicweb page found Langham Civicweb, any notes captured here are by no means definitive or official

Below you will find any notes we have regarding any of the council meetings.

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